Thursday, 15 April 2021

Anzac Reading.


poem for Anzac day

 task Description: In this story it is about The Anzac button they was war in that story when they were in the war they had food and water for them to eat and drink when they got call to fight they had a fight with other people they had guns with them so they can kill people in new zealand in the 1915 but they died in the 1925 with they got kill.

Monday, 12 April 2021


 Task Description: In this story it about Anzac day. in Anzac day it that you remember the people who passed away in the old day's the people you went to the war are supporting the world they were on a boat to go to the war of new Zealand in 1915 they had food with them to go to the war and they had water with them to go to the war with the people they were going to go and fight with the other people they had gun's with them to go and fight in the 1915 but some people died when they had a fight with the other.

Thursday, 8 April 2021

Kawa of care chromebook


My Magic Number


kawa of care chromebook


Kawa of care chromebook.


Reading task free juice.

Task Description. In My Reading this book it call free juice there were two boys then this book they were going to go and stole juice from the storeroom lot of children came and took the juice and Luke took two cartons of juice and drink it but Jake didn't drink his juice because his stomach felt funny so he didn't drink his then Luke told Jake if they can play tag but Jake said no because his stomach went even more worse so he went and set under a tree then he went to class to go and but the juice in his schoolbag but he got nervous when he got to Mr Renata his face was red and hot but he told Mr Renata he did something stupid he gave the juice to Mr Renata and told to go and give it back to the storeroom then the bell rang the kids came inside then Mrs strong came in the classroom she said can I have a word with our class she said some cartons of juice are all gone it was going to be for the sports day but Mr Renata told Mrs strong that some one has done the right thing he gave the juice back to the storeroom.